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by Vidyadhar Vyas, peace, happiness and joy!
It is to be considered an exhilarating example of excellence!

Vidyadhar Vyas - Vocals
Ray Spiegel - Tabla
Stan Scott - Tanpura  
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CD Details
-Recorded, Produced and Edited by: Ray Spiegel
-Mixed by: Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner at Applehead Studios, Woodstock, NY
-Photos by: Ira Landgarten
-Colors Art by: Ann Hjelle
-Graphic Design by: Graphitti, Shokan, NY
-Liner Notes by: Stan Scott
-Executive Producers: S.I. Spiegel

Total Time: 71:01

Track Title Total Time: 71:01
Sound Clip
Rag Yaman
Spoken intro
Rag Nand


Colors of the Night, a brilliant CD from Vidyadhar Vyas, is a recipe for greatness. Its ingredients include one of India's finest and foremost musicians and vocalists performing music that has its origins in antiquity.
Consisting of two immensely pleasing evening ragas...Rag Yaman and Rag Nand...this reviewer found himself in an aura of love, peace, happiness and joy. Indeed, I found music regarded (not just by me) as some of the best-loved in the Hindustani repertoire.
Pandit Vyas is from a long line of singers and musicians and thus brings us a family heritage that celebrates all that is wonderful in Indian tradition. He accompanies himself on the swaramandal (zither) and has the able assistance of Ray Spiegel (disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha) on tabla; and Hindustani classical music scholar Stan Scott on tampura.
Together, you are treated to a musical main course that you will savor to the last note, and then salivate for more, until you play it again. In this reviewer's opinion, your musical diet is incomplete if Colors of the Night isn't on the menu. Vidyadhar Vyas has given us an album that should reside on the stack labeled "play it often"!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

U.S. = $11.99
Non-U.S. = $14.99
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